JoeCap WDM Video Capture
 What it is: 
This is a simple video capture application for the Windows platform which takes command-line arguments such as channel, output filename, and record length, and then uses the DirectShow WDM capture interface to perform the video capture. Because it can take command-line arguments, it's ideal for use in digital-VCR or PVR applications, such as using Windows Task Scheduler to perform scheduled recording, or using a sister application which I'm developing (called JoePVR), which scans TV listings from sites like and parses the listings based on keyworks you specify and then calls JoeCAP to record programming at the appropriate time.
 What it's good for: 
JoeCap now works with cards other than the ATI-TV Wonder (in theory), although its configuration is cryptic and the chances of it working for you are not good. At this point, it's more for other developers to look at as an (admittedly messy) example of Directshow COM programming. With some help from outside sources, it will eventually be much more robust and easy to use. I've now put up some Documentation on how to configure JoeCap which should be helpful.
Click here for the SourceForge file archive for JoeCap.
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